The Stormhold Challenge: Week 6

Aspiration Points Skill Points Total
Primus 7 32 39
Secundus 7 29 36
Tertius 9 (COMPLETE) 30 39
Quartus 6 34 40
Quintus 6 31 37
Sextus 8 32 40
Septimus 7 35 42

Winner of week 6 is Septimus but since Tertius managed to complete his aspiration the challenge is over! Our crazy little serial romantic is the winner and here are some of his tips on how to complete this aspiration in only 6 days:
• always flirt confidently (brushing teeth helps)
• don’t date anyone in front of your love interests
• don’t bother making up with someone who saw you cheating
• be discreet or ready for some slapping and jealous scenes
• boys are great kissers too
• flatter away

Also check out the WEEK 6 page for the stats, achievements, gained skill points and the week in pictures.


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