Ranting 101

(¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)

So what’s this page all about you wonder? I’ve tried to keep negative thoughts and complaints off this blog so far, successfully enough too, but the game (or rather the team behind it) has been stretching my patience paper thin. I figured it’s time to let off some steam. (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

• I’ve only been playing 1 household lately, the structure is the following at the moment: 2 male elders, 2 adult females, 2 teens and 2 children. Yesterday the culling kicked in and the adult females forgot they knew each other. Hello to relationship culling aka Simzheimer. I get it that Sims might forget acquaintances they maybe met once or twice, but a household member… really?!
• A few days of being stuck in the crib, add a creepy jump and poof there’s your magically potty trained kid who can also talk and walk magically. Here, TODDLERS TODDLERS TODDLERS, where’d you get lost?
• We have a fabulous kleptomaniac trait in the game which could be so much fun to play with, if only the Sims weren’t limited to stealing only some objects. I really wanted to play with a Sim who steals everything, starting with toilets and other bare necessities, but yet again someone decided to limit my creativity.
• One of my biggest disappointments with the game, no color wheel, no way to put together the color combination you’d like the most, no way to match things up. Be creative? More like good luck trying to be creative. Don’t get me wrong, the presets are perfectly fine for the first ten houses you build but after that it gets so painfully boring and repetitive you want to smash the screen with your head.
• Lighting in the game is also a huge annoyance for me, most things which are supposed to be white don’t look white, the houses can be crazy dark inside and curtains have been broken for some time now. While I love watching the lights through the windows it pisses me off that the shadows move mechanically while on lower settings they’re moving very nicely across the world. So why are better laptops and computers punished with poorer looking shadows?
• Silence, silence, patch (minor unnecessary fixes), more silence… a free guitar? How come all I get is error this and error that. Great free gift really, very useful. Just a tip, if you want us to stop complaining then give us already what we’re asking for. Also, we’re paying for this game and it isn’t exactly cheap and all we get is lots of silence, crazy bugs and content no one ever asked for. I’m so glad you people aren’t manufacturing cars or planes, the world would be an empty place then.

More to come since this game has enough issues to keep me ranting for ages, also feel free to throw in your two cents. (ه’́⌣’̀ه )/

(¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)  (¬_¬)


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