Speculation 101

I’ve been seriously bored with Sims 4 lately due to building most of the time and always being stuck with the same limited furniture and features. So, one of these days I started wondering what a Sims game would have to include to make me never ever complain. Here’s my list:

• To start off with the basics, no more different settings when it comes to graphics, everyone should be able to see the game in the same quality.
• Sims and life spans, no more short, normal and long, why can’t they be adjustable? Give me a suggested length of each life span but give me the freedom to make them last as long (or as short) as I want.
• Talking about life spans, please don’t make babies jump out of the crib anymore, it’s creepy and I miss on a lot of toddler fun. Learning to walk, to talk, potty training, stroller walks, sibling interaction and play. Don’t force me to be a party player when I want to watch a family raise their children.
• I personally don’t care about loading screens but here’s an idea, replace them with something more fun like a short clip, a memory game or quick jigsaw puzzle.
• As much as I enjoy watching one family grow, I find it horrid that their friends are stuck. They don’t get married, don’t have children on their own. They’re just empty shells waiting to die, it’s a no go. Give our Sims more power over the neighborhoods they’re living in, why can’t they influence their friends to get this job or date (and marry) that Sim (if they fit, of course), start a family. The world would be so much more vivid if everyone around our Sims were actually living.
• Whims, a brilliant new thing but so limiting at the same time. I’d like to have at least 6 of those per Sim.
• What would really blow my mind is a base Sims game that comes with weather and some basic activities like picnics in spring, swimming in summer (pools, sea and ponds), raking leaves in fall and some basic snow fun in winter.
• Rabbit hole jobs are so dull. Why can’t all jobs be open like the get to work career choices? Same goes for school (public, private ones, the more choice the better), I’d love to follow the children there and have them finish small tasks like reading specific books, listening to the teacher, writing down notes and running laps.
• I also want to be forced to send my Sims to the store to buy new clothes (furniture too eventually). Talking about clothes, why can’t we layer them, jackets over shirts kind of thing. And why can’t our Sims paint their nails?
• I’d love to see combined community lots. One lot with a gym, spa, restaurant and cinema. That would be grand.
• Food delivery service would be fabulous. Any food available in the game can be ordered via the phone or online and delivered right to the door.
• I love supernaturals, especially vampires, but sometimes I don’t want to play with them, give me the option to disable them.
• People can get bored so give them a challenge mode. I’m still so in love with Castaway and the Urbz. Why can’t simple versions of those be added to the game?
• Build mode is just messed up. Roofs can be rather awful, you never know if attics are usable and the roof edges barely fit the walls underneath, they should be a tad wider. Also a number of roof types are missing. Then we come to the walls, it’s about time those become oval. Matching doors and windows in every possible color are a must. That’s too much work? Make only one tiled doors and give us the option to pull them out into two and more tiled versions. Same goes for the windows. Why is it so hard to create decent looking doors and windows, alone house plans offer so many different variants that are pleasing to the eye. Windows, doors and curtains should have the option to be either open or closed. Wallpapers and paints, why can’t we add any color wooden trim to them? Those should also match with the floors. Don’t give us random floors that don’t look good with anything.
• Buy mode is so much like build mode. Barely anything matches properly and the lack of decent looking furniture makes it hard to finish a house and be satisfied with it. There should be no color and pattern limits, those take all the fun out of a game. There’s also the thing with worn looking furniture, why can’t I ever have the choice to choose between new looking and a little worn? Please stop forcing your choices on me, I’d like to make my own.
• Recolors made easy, give the community a program to go with the game and let creativity flow.
• The teams work on different packs at the same time? Whose idea was that? Why can’t there be only expansion packs with more people able to contribute to them, plan them better and release them faster.
• Months long silence is a killer. Weekly challenges or activities might save everyone. Doesn’t have to be anything big, let us collect different gnomes every week, or send us on a scavenger hunt, give us points at the Origin store.
• Include the players into the developing process and stop being so secretive about future content. A yes or no is only fair, or can you imagine asking about more memory for your computer and the salesperson goes “Hmmm, I can’t say anything”.
• Having a group of players (officially) looking out for bugs might save you a lot of time. Give them thanks in form of free expansion packs.

I really don’t want to be mean or say anything bad about the team behind Sims 4 but at the moment you’re doing a shabby job. Instead of upgrading Sims 3 you gave us a crippled Sims 2 with a taste of Sims 1 and then you expect the players to just accept it and not complain. Stop looking for the fault in the players, it might be time to look in a mirror and reflect on your work. The easiest way to please the players is by giving them what they want, what an eye-opener. I’m absolutely grateful for the Sims franchise but it could be doing so much better and I really want it to. ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。