House Plan #21!

House plan #21 is now available, click on House Plans above for the page link with pictures. If your Sims are fond of cozy little places then you might have just found the perfect place for them. This house is ready and furnished for a smaller family but you never have to worry about space issues, the gym room can be used as an additional bedroom and there’s also some attic space ready to be furnished. Happy Simming! ◦°˚(´•̛ᴗ•̛`)/˚°◦


Newcrest #14: Rippling Flats!

Newcrest’s Rippling Flats is now available, go to Decorative Neighborhood Houses: Newcrest above for the page link with pictures. Your Sim has always been dreaming of a small ranch of their own? Look no further then, this house is just perfect for a couple with up to 3 children, you can always squeeze more Sims into the house by adding a basement. Go for a quick swim and enjoy the upcoming outdoor parties. Happy Simming! ✩*॰ ( ¨̮ ) ॰*✩